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As a coach and consultant, Jonakan offers deep expertise in executive coaching, and within the talent management and business lifecycles, including strategic planning and execution, business transformation, building high performance cultures and employee experience, change leadership, process optimization, organizational development, and leadership development.  

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Executive Coaching: Executives

Leaders striving to increase leadership effectiveness, enhance self-awareness and perspective, and achieve organizational goals.

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Executive Coaching: Executives in Transition

Leaders actively searching for or contemplating their next career move. 

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          Executive Coaching:           New Executives

Leaders facing the challenges and opportunities of transitioning into their first Executive role or a significant role expansion.

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Strategic Planning & Strategy Implementation

Many companies get into trouble because their team is not aligned around a clear destination for the future. When this happens, your company loses time and money, and your people lose productivity and motivation, hindering your ability to meet strategic goals. 

To combat this issue, Jonakan is focused on alignment. Alignment at the team level, department level, and organizational level. He works to create and align the vision, mission, values, goals, and actions of an organization or committee to build a complete strategic plan.  If your team is aligned on the right things, your company will be in a better position to achieve its goals and implement its strategy.


Partner with me. 

"I can help you develop strategic direction, clarity, and alignment for your organization and help you implement your strategy, tactics and initiatives!"


Together, Jonakan can help you align your board or leadership team around these critical components for ultimate success.  He will use input from your leadership team to develop buy-in for the planning process and make sure everyone is clear on where they are going and how to get there.


Strategy Implementation Programs

Once you've completed his Strategic Alignment Program and you've got a strategic plan, it's time to implement. This is where Jonakan can help make the biggest impact. He will work together with you to make sure you have the capacity and build the competencies and skills to implement your plan. Through a combination of group coaching, training, strategy reviews, workshops, and check-ins, he will help you reach your goals!


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